Dr. Maher Khedher

Founder of the Initiative

Maher is the Chairman of the Arab Strategic Foresight Forum and the CEO of Mediterranean Business Academy. He is an international lecturer specialized in change management and strategic foresight. He founded the World Wisdom Initiative to start a long journey for creating wisdom leaders.

Prof. Sohail Inayatullah

Sohail is a futures studies researcher and a visiting professor at the Graduate Institute of Futures Studies at Tamkang University in Taipei, Taiwan. He is also a Former Adjunct Professor at Macquarie University. Inayatullah is most famous for introducing and pioneering the futures technique of causal layered analysis, that uses a four-layered approach to bring about transformative change.

John A. Sweeny

Foresight Expert

John A. Sweeney is an international foresight practitioner, consultant, educator, and author. John has given talks and presentations at Harvard, Columbia University, and numerous other national and international colleges and universities.

HRH Royal Prince Dr. Tuanku Dr. Camad M. Ali:

Prime Minister, Royal House of Baloi

  • Member of World Royal Society.
  • Member of the Royal Institution of Malaysia.
  • Volunteer Service Award granted by the President of the United States of America.
  • Special Recognition from the US Congress.
  • Special Recognition from the US Senate.
  • Chevalier Officier granted by High Protector H.I.M. The Emperor of Japan.
  • Grandmaster, Royal Chivalric Order of Baloi
  • Datu a Adil sa Buayan, Sultanate of Buayan Darussalam
  • Founder / President / CEO of SPMUDA International
  • Founding Chairman & President of Southern Philippines Muslim - Non Muslim Unity & Development Association.
  • As the most leading champion of the Cause for the propagation of Peace through customs and traditions, HRH Dr. Camad Ali is one of the most practical and frontline kings in the world today.


Associate Professor, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University SFC

Senior Research Fellow, The Canon Institute for Global Studies / The Tokyo Foundation

Director, Board of Directors, Civic Force / Visiting Fellow, Genron NPO

Prof.Dr.Sir Lakshman Madurasinghe

Director General of the Board of Governors of World Peace & Diplomacy Organization- WPDO Prof. Lakshman is a Lawyer, Behavioral Scientist, Educationist, Strategist and Author of four books including Clinical Psychology, Buddhism & Christianity, and the pioneer of e-Consciousness model of transformation, with postdoctoral qualifications in Behavioral Sciences to his credit. His vision is to empower people to maximize their potential and lead optimal lives. He is the International President Medicina Alternativa, Alma Ata 1962, formed by the World Health Organization and recognized 0n 15th Aug 1988 by the UN University For Peace ( Universite Pour La Paix), which has affiliated institutions in over 100 countries with an alumni network of over 150,000. He is the Chairman of the Ceylon Holistic Centre-CHC in Colombo. He is also the Director General of the Board of Governors of World Peace & Diplomacy Organization- WPDO. WPDO’s vision is to become pioneers in creating a better world by empowering peacemakers, diplomats, and volunteers globally. He is the International Governor Asia in the Academy of Universal Global Peace-AUGP USA. AUGP which has members in over 77 countries

Aleksandr Nikolayvich Sytin:

Aleksandr Nikolayvich Sytin: Head Chef at North & Eastern Europe Research Political Center 1975-1987 he worked in the State Historical Museum. 1987-1993 he taught Russian and Soviet history in the Moscow State Art and Cultural University. Since 1993 he worked in the private sector. 1997-2003 he was the head of a section and project manager in Yukos. 2004 he became a senior researcher in the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies (RISS). 2012 he became the head of the Baltic and CIS sector and the deputy of the "Centre of Near Abroad". After that he became the head of the "North & Eastern Europe Research Political Center". He is the author of more than 50 articles about Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine and Belarus, problems in international relations and history of the Baltic States.

Marilyn Mehlmann:

Head of Development & Training at Global Action Plan (GAP) Stockholm, Sweden

Marilyn Mehlmann combines backgrounds in journalism, psycho-synthesis, empowerment and action research to co-create and document new methods and tools for personal and professional development. A former industrial journalist and technical writer, she has authored and co-authored many articles, books, and book chapters.

She has worked in more than 20 countries to empower people and organizations to take action for sustainable development, and was awarded the Rachel Carson Prize 2011–2012 for “long-term efforts to involve individuals, companies and NGOs in acting sustainably”. She regularly speaks and lectures at events.
She was Secretary General of Global Action Plan International 1995–2016. Now, she is a VP of the Union of International Associations (UIA) and a founder member of Legacy 17.

Arnildo Schildt Schildt:

Ambassador Brazil INOU na INOU - International Non-Olympic University

CEO FIS - International Schildt Foundation; a nonprofit organization with the mission to help environmental programs, education connection with sisters cities schools and universities over the globe and we have the connection with the Sabre Foundation who donate books for libraries and schools.

Executive Director Nosso Futuro Comun (Our Common Future)

Professor Munawar A. Anees

Editor-in-Chief of Knowledge Futures Journal

Professor Munawar A. Anees is an internationally accomplished writer and social critic. He is the founding editor of Periodica Islamica and International Journal of Islamic and Arabic Studies, among many others. He is one of the Founding Members and a former Trustee of the International Society for Science and Religion, Cambridge University, England. He is a member of the UNESCO's select group of 40 international scholars: Intellectuals of the World. He is listed in several biographical sources: Contemporary Authors, Who is Who in the World, and Writers' Directory. He was nominated for Nobel Prize in 2002.

-General Director for Spmuda Europe Union
-World Students Peace Federation Ambassador Spain
-NOHE Ambassador
-Global Peace Ambassador
-Sylvia Latim Foundation Ambassador
An experienced entrepreneur, company holder, teacher, public relations, and Humanitarian activist.
As a volunteer, Maria was leading teams in various countries like Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Pakistan, Malaysia,
India, Albania and Nepal, for Humanitarian purposes.
Dr. Joseph S Rankin:

Rt. Honorable, Grand Knight and Champion of Human Rights

Born to the Royal family of Obong Rankin, Dr. Joseph Rankin, is the African Regional Ambassador of the International Human Rights Commission Geneva Switzerland, President African International Board Human Rights Council, Chairman for West Africa United Nations War on Human Trafficking. Honorary Consul General for Africa Diplomatic Mission (Dmpp) Albania. Executive Director for Nigeria International Academy for Genealogical & Heraldic Studies UK, the International Governor for Nigeria Academy of Universal Global Peace, Executive Director Nigeria for Mediterranean Business Academy Tunisia

Dr. Joseph Rankin holds a PhD in Business Management from Icof University Zambia and other Honorary Doctorate Awards.

Dr. M´barek Afekouh:

Ph.D in Global Security And Human Rights

  • Chairman of the Supreme Council of IOPS (International Organization of Peace and Security to activate Humanitarian law for Peace) In charge of relations with Asian and European Organizations.
  • Member and Deputy Minister for Diplomatic Relations in The International Parliament ( Voted August 27, 2015 )
  • Member of Executive office of (FMVJ) Moroccan Forum for Truth and Justice after the 4th National Congress.
  • Member in Regional Commission for Human Rights (Casablanca-Settat ) one of the 13 Commissions of the National Human Rights Council in Morocco .
  • The Coordinator of North Africa for the World Peace Summit 2014 & 2015 in Indonesia.
  • The Coordinator of Mechanism of Refugee and Migrants.
  • Ambassador for Morocco In URGC (Union Refugee green Council )
  • Member Effective Honorary Ambassador of Morocco by - WAHS -(World Academy of Human Sciences)
  • Volunteer advisor master’s and doctorate in Topics related to philosophy, World and peace by – HUA - ( Humanistic University of Americas )
Sir Howard Coop:
Retired Minister
Howard Coop is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky State College (BA degree) and Emory University (BD degree). He is a retired minister. At the present time, he lives in Lancaster, Kentucky and devotes his time to writing. His column AN ENCOURAGING WORD is carried weekly in newspapers and monthly in three publications.

Dorra Abidi:

Ph.D student in Strategic Management in Osaka University, Japan
Dorra is a specialist in enterprise upgrading and economic development. From 2012 to 2017, she worked on a World Bank project and several USAID assistance programs in MENA and Asia assessing the business environment and supporting private sector growth.

She represented USAID project at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, where she mentored two Tunisian entrepreneurs for the Women Entrepreneurship Competition and met Vice President Biden.

Yasser Noureldin:

Yasser Noureldin: Host at New York Vision TV Show The Economist Magazine - Arabic Accredited Reporter, United Nations at United Nations Reporter at Orbit Media Group Worked at New York Vision TV Show Worked at Orbit - El Qaheira el Yom Recently, a TV co- host in the weekly show The Bridge, which is airing every Friday on A.R.T America.

Dr. Sahbi Basly (MD)

Former Tunisian Ambassador to China, Spain, India

Dr. Basly has a long and brilliant career as an ambassador. Now he is the Chairman of the Tunisia-China Council of Cooperation.

Mahmoud Ahmed:

Senior International Investment Consultant

Q House Invest Eductus Uppsala, Sweden

Q Invest experts can assist with governments loans from International Monetary Fund (IMF)The world bank and Sovereign wealth fund including Legal advice, Bank guarantee, Management, negotiations etc

Sophia Ahlem Mansouri

Ambassador of Arab Writers

Sophia is a human rights activist. She is a writer and poe

Wise Water & Environment :

Chairman of Scientific Committee

. HE Herbert Mergener:

Owner at Mergener WATER


Wise Coaching:

Chairman of Scientific Committee

John A. Sweeney

Deputy Director of the Center for Postnormal Policy & Future Studies

A. Professor
Ilhem Kallel is an A. Professor with the Department of Computer Science and Multimedia at the ISIMS-University of Sfax-Tunisia. She is also an IEEE senior member and the current Tunisia chapter chair of IEEE Education Society; among others, she is the founder “Women In Engineering” Tunisia section and the winner of the 2011 WIE Clementina award for Europe, Africa and Middle-East. Her research interests are essentially in Artificial Intelligence, pedagogical innovation in education and systems' quality assessment.

World Wisdom Initiative

Humanity has reached a point in its history where the critical success factor is not food or water or innovation and creating wealth, though all of these are very important. I think what we need today and for the better of our future is wisdom.

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