HRH Royal Prince Dr. Tuanku Dr. Camad M. Ali

HRH Royal Prince Dr. Tuanku Dr. Camad M. Ali

Member of World Royal Society.
Member of the Royal Institution of Malaysia.
Volunteer Service Award granted by the President of the United States of America.
Special Recognition from the US Congress.
Special Recognition from the US Senate.
Chevalier Officier granted by High Protector H.I.M. The Emperor of Japan.
Grandmaster, Royal Chivalric Order of Baloi
Datu a Adil sa Buayan, Sultanate of Buayan Darussalam
Founder / President / CEO of SPMUDA International
Founding Chairman & President of Southern Philippines Muslim - Non Muslim Unity & Development Association.
As the most leading champion of the Cause for the propagation of Peace through customs and traditions, HRH Dr.
Camad Ali is one of the most practical and frontline kings in the world today.


23 January 2015



World Wisdom Initiative

Humanity has reached a point in its history where the critical success factor is not food or water or innovation and creating wealth, though all of these are very important. I think what we need today and for the better of our future is wisdom.

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