Marilyn Mehlmann

Marilyn Mehlmann

Marilyn Mehlmann: Head of Development & Training at Global Action Plan (GAP) Stockholm, Sweden Marilyn Mehlmann combines backgrounds in journalism, psycho-synthesis, empowerment and action research to co-create and document new methods and tools for personal and professional development. A former industrial journalist and technical writer, she has authored and co-authored many articles, books, and book chapters. She has worked in more than 20 countries to empower people and organizations to take action for sustainable development, and was awarded the Rachel Carson Prize 2011–2012 for “long-term efforts to involve individuals, companies and NGOs in acting sustainably”. She regularly speaks and lectures at events. She was Secretary General of Global Action Plan International 1995–2016. Now, she is a VP of the Union of International Associations (UIA) and a founder member of Legacy 17.


23 January 2015



World Wisdom Initiative

Humanity has reached a point in its history where the critical success factor is not food or water or innovation and creating wealth, though all of these are very important. I think what we need today and for the better of our future is wisdom.

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