Prometheus: symbol and archetype

Prometheus, one of the Titans in Greek mythology, was the god of fire. A master craftsman considered the wisest of his race, he was credited as the great benefactor and protector of mankind and with giving them fire and various types of skills and knowledge. His name means "forethought." Prometheus was always thinking of the future and making things ready for what might happen tomorrow, or next week, or next year, or even in a hundred years time. And as a lover of humans, Prometheus did not want to live amongst the clouds on Mount Olympus. He was too busy for that. While the gods were spending their time in idleness, drinking nectar and eating ambrosia, he was planning how to make the world wiser and better than it had ever been before. For this reason and many others I consider him as a symbol and archetype; a symbol of unconditioned love for mankind and an archetype of foresight and wisdom. And by eliciting this symbol this time I hereby declare that humanity is in a desperate need of such a symbol and archetype to re-appear again. We need to develop this archetype inside each one of us. We need to educate and train a whole new generation of leaders to adopt and embrace such a symbol and archetype… Prometheus should continue to be a source of inspiration and love.

World Wisdom Initiative

Humanity has reached a point in its history where the critical success factor is not food or water or innovation and creating wealth, though all of these are very important. I think what we need today and for the better of our future is wisdom.

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