May: Wise Banking: (SDG 8)

May 2018: Wise Banking: (SDG 8)

Form esoteric to crowd-banking

Call for Papers:

Global financial markets are in disarray. This is a time for thoughtful regulatory oversight, not the time to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Banks are continually living on the edge in a way that nobody else in the economy would, and regulations meant to correct it are insufficient and flawed in their design.
Risk management is only adding insult to injury, because we are unnecessarily living at the edge of a cliff all the time. So, we need to allow some time for wisdom and wise banking. Our financial system has to be made a lot more resilient. Then we can worry less and sleep better. Why is wisdomizing the regulatory regime so important? The 2008 financial crisis demonstrated the catastrophic results of the inadequate business regulations in the finance sector.
In addition, one of the drawbacks of the financial system is its esoteric nature. Today, we need to crowd-source the system (Crowd-banking), towards more involvement and better transparency.
So, the first step towards wise banking is to depart from this esoteric nature of the system and the domination of the elite class of this sector.

Main Themes:
1. Future of Banking: Form esoteric to crowd-banking.
2. Wise Banking: Best Banking Practices.
3. Seeing the Big Picture: Narrative Banking.
4. Ways to initiate a Wisdom Index & a Wisdom Maturity Model in the field of Banking (New Regulatory System).
5. Aligning Wise Banking with SDG 8.
6. Ways to create Wise Leaders in the field of Banking (both individuals & institutions).
Abstracts should be no more than 500 words.
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